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Trusted Content.
Empowered Teachers.
Innovative Technology.

pivotEd harnesses the proven power of Capstone’s award-winning content and pairs it with innovative technologies so educators in 1:1 and blended learning environments can connect directly with students. Teachers leverage a rich ecosystem of readily available interactive lessons that foster creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

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Trusted Content

pivotEd’s comprehensive lesson library offers over 500 pre-built lessons for grades 3 through 6. Each lesson includes an ebook.


Empowered Teachers

pivotEd puts teachers, not technology, in control of their lessons. Teachers use familiar lessons and control lesson pace to manage their classroom with confidence and better leverage the devices their students use.


Innovative Technology

pivotEd uses a leading-edge platform that allows teachers to instantly deploy interactive lessons to their students and see student work in real time.

How does pivotEd work?

Teachers choose lessons from pivotEd’s comprehensive library and access them easily via their own personal lesson collection.

Teachers then create classes and assign lessons to their students.

Students work collaboratively on pivotEd lessons while their work is monitored in real time by their teacher. This empowers teachers to react, assess and change course when the need arises.

Teacher Testimonials

Oh my word, I just took a peek at a third grade book on Fossils. This is EXACTLY what my teachers and I are looking for! More please! I also LOVE that the directions ask the group to select a note taker. This proactively addresses the routine and queues the teacher nicely!!

Kelli Whiteside, Teacher – Deephaven Elementary


I have been impressed with the high quality of the materials in Capstone’s library. Adding the digital experiences increases meaning for students reading the books. When they can see their own and their peers’ responses in real time, excitement in the discussion increases. Having the students submit their responses online allows for all students to have an equal voice in the discussion. Students who are not comfortable speaking out in class have the opportunity to share their ideas in this digital format.

The amount of control the teacher has over the lesson is also impressive, either allowing students to move at their own pace, or locking down pages to keep the class together.

Shannon Foley, Teacher – Cedar Creek Elementary

Let’s Get Started

pivotEd is the whole package. Capstone knows how teachers teach, so we have harnessed the power of Capstone content and paired it with innovative technology to provide educators in 1:1 and blended learning environments an ecosystem that connects students and teachers to each other, and to interactive lessons, in a way that fosters creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

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