What if your lessons were as engaging as social media?


The interactive lesson app you’ve been waiting for

ISTE 2017 Best of Show
Capstone’s newest digital solution harnesses the best aspects of social media to engage your students in collaborative discussion and critical thinking. The goal? Promote every student’s voice while allowing you to assess understanding and control the pace of the lesson.


Select/Create a Lesson

  • Thinking Skills Templates. Versatile enough to use with multiple grades and subjects. Use with any content in your library — print or digital!
  • Lesson Library. 500+ expertly crafted lessons to over 250+ Capstone titles
  • Author your own!


Engage your digital citizens

Each learner has their own device for the lesson, responding to educator-led prompts. Real-time responses allow students to learn from each other and build understanding, using the app as a springboard for small group or whole class discussion.


Check for understanding

A true 360° view of class understanding! Monitor lesson and responses, making formative assessments in the moment abut which concepts are mastered by each student and which need more discussion. Even save lesson exchanges for student portfolios or your own professional evaluations.

21st Century Learning is Collaborative

With pivotEd, every student has a voice

Monitor pace and progress of every student in the lesson

With pivotEd, everyone is building their understanding together

Educator Testimonials

With a tool like pivotEd, the quality questions are designed to provide answers that the teacher needs, and because they are built right into the instruction, they are easy to implement. It’s especially helpful to provide different ways for students to respond, which can help reluctant or hesitant students come out of their shell.

Dawn Nelson, Librarian – Oak View Elementary

pivotEd is a great mix of digital learning within an actual classroom, where students are not just staring at screens, but interacting with each other and engaging in their experience together. Final score: OUTSTANDING!

Michael Karlan – The Ed Tech Round Up

Oh my word, I just took a peek at a third grade book on Fossils. This is EXACTLY what my teachers and I are looking for! More please! I also LOVE that the directions ask the group to select a note taker. This proactively addresses the routine and queues the teacher nicely!!

Kelli Whiteside, Teacher – Deephaven Elementary

I have been impressed with the high quality of the materials in Capstone’s library. Adding the digital experiences increases meaning for students reading the books. When they can see their own and their peers’ responses in real time, excitement in the discussion increases. Having the students submit their responses online allows for all students to have an equal voice in the discussion. Students who are not comfortable speaking out in class have the opportunity to share their ideas in this digital format. The amount of control the teacher has over the lesson is also impressive, either allowing students to move at their own pace, or locking down pages to keep the class together.

Shannon Foley, Teacher – Cedar Creek Elementary

Let every student voice be heard!

21st century learning is collaborative. Using the pivotEd interactive lesson app allows you to move beyond using technology-for-technology’s sake and really integrate a device into meaningful discussion and learning. Responding to prompts on their device, every student has a voice in the discussion while the educator monitors understanding, pace, and participation.